An idea maker, a visionary, a creative — My speciality is turning nothing into something. I love to help translate peoples ideas and words to beautiful visuals & have got a knack for taking an idea, giving it a foundation, then building on it to create a relevant visual experience for the public.


My name is Vijesh Sonigra. A full-time Digital Designer working both within Design & Motion Graphics.

I pride myself on my identity and is something I like to show through my work. My indian heritage has been a big influence in the way I design and the style of work I create. Both my parents were born in Africa, surrounded by Indian culture. My mother came from a jewellers background and my father being born into a caste of tailors. I love the colour gold and fashion so it's pretty obvious where I got that from (And yes my personal branding is a subtle reflection of this). These fusions have shaped me into the person I am, the creative ideas I develop and the execution from idea to final product.

I have worked with a number of luxury brands and companies, Selfridges, Sony, Barclays and many more... I pride myself on my meticulous attention to detail. My skills include branding, illustration, packaging, typography and front-end development. I find great interest in clean aesthetics, minimal design and well thought out visuals that are simple in it's look but are both clever and meaningful in its story. I hope to share the creative journey and process from nothing to something in all my works.

Feel free to take a look at my portfolio of projects above.

If you would like to get to know me more and work, reach out and let's talk!


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